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Gordon W. Rogers, Former CEO
“Jo Lynn Bright is an exceptionally gifted presenter. She delivers the truth with grace, and is able to drive her points home to the participants’ hearts and minds. Jo Lynn uses humor, passion and an extraordinary ability to relate with others to help touch, challenge and change her audience.”
What Others Say...
Stuart Ferrell
Crown Financial Ministries / Union Rescue Mission

“I have been blessed to know and observe Jo Lynn for about ten years in many different environments. I have seen her effectively speak to large and small groups, and I have experienced God’s wisdom and direction through her on a personal level. I highly recommend Jo Lynn if you’re seeking to hear Truth from the Lord expressed through Love and Grace."
“We have known Gaylyn and Jo Lynn before they became husband and wife, and were fortunate to be involved with them in pre-marital counseling. In the 19 years that they have been married, we have observed that they have a very loving and caring relationship that is centered in Christ and established on the principles of the word of God. This is obvious by the open affections they demonstrate to each other and their constant expression of striving to strengthen their love for each other. They are a good model of what a loving couple should be and one to which many others can aspire.”
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Rev. Keith & Rev. Verleta Spencer (Former Pastor & Wife) 
9th St. Church of God
“Jo Lynn is a dynamic speaker and excellent coach. She brings a great amount of energy and enthusiasm to what she does—whether in speaking, teaching or coaching. She speaks with confidence and approaches every situation with a balanced blend of grace, encouragement, boldness, “straight-talk”, and honesty. She cares about people and inspires them with a call to action to apply the principles they have learned to their lives. She has a genuine desire to serve others and is very passionate about impacting lives for the Kingdom of God. She’s an extraordinary leader, mentor and role model for women both personally and professionally, and it’s truly an honor to co-labor with her over the years to teach the biblical principles of managing our finances.”
Yvonne Mitto, Executive Director
Compass – New England (an affiliate of Compass Finances God’s Way)

“There are those who do, and those who teach. Then there are those who possess the God-given talent and ability to perform both. Jo Lynn Bright is blessed to be in the latter group! The first course we were able to attend was the Crown Financial Ministries Small Group Study, which was taught by Jo Lynn and her equally-adept husband, Gaylyn. Together they provided sound, step-by-step, invaluable tools for the financial abundance and freedom principles by which we are able to operate, not only our personal finances, but our ministry finances as well! Just recently, Jo Lynn blessed our ministry with two sessions of her presentation, Sexuality: God’s Original Idea. The parishioners in our Marriage – Take 3 Class were initially curious, and then became engaged by Jo Lynn sharing a wealth of biblical principles concerning trust, intimacy and oneness to be shared within the holy union of marriage, by every couple. We deeply appreciate, with true honor and respect, the insightful sharing nature by which Jo Lynn Bright conveys those jewels of knowledge and wisdom which, when learned, provide the logical and reliable foundation for a life well-lived.”
Pastors John T. & Janet Radig
9th St. Church of God