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Our Ministry
Gaylyn and Jo Lynn Bright have founded Much More Ministries to encourage the followers of Jesus Christ to daily live out a surrendered life that accomplishes God’s purpose of drawing others to Him and promoting the Kingdom of God. Our hope is that we will accomplish this through opportunities to speak at Christian events (hopefully we will meet many of you!), offering inspirational words of encouragement, and connecting via the Breaking Bread blog
It can be a real challenge to find just the right person to present at any given event. Jo Lynn Bright will work with you to determine if she is a good choice for your event. Provided is a listing of topics that she can speak on. Jo Lynn is willing to customize presentations, as well. 

Christian Lifestyle
  • A Greater YES!
  • A Lifestyle of Passion & Purpose
  • Be Strong & Courageous
  • ​10 Things: Hearing & Obeying God's Voice
  • God Promised: John 14-16
  • Holy Spirit: Overcome Me Like the Power of Sleep
  • Humility: Jesus, My All In All
  • Keeping 1st Things 1st: Everything I Ever Learned On The Airplane
  • Keeping My Commitments: to Myself, to Others, & to My God
  • Living A Congruent Life: Beliefs & Behaviors In Sync
  • Margin: How do I gain some, and keep it?!?
  • Lord, Teach Me to Pray ("The Hour That Changes The World")
  • Love Is…
  • People Need The Lord

Marriage & Sexuality
  • 90 Days…Dating & Waiting
  • Affair Prevention & Restoration
  • Before You Say, “I Do”
  • Body Image: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
  • God’s Idea of Intimacy In Marriage
  • Restoring the Pleasure
  • Sexual Issues/Dysfunctions In Marriage
  • Sexuality: God's Original Idea
  • “Soul Virgins”: Single Sexuality
  • “The Hormone Hostage”
  • When Two Become One

God’s Financial Principles
  • Crown’s Financial Freedom Seminar (Crown Financial Ministries)
  • Financial Intimacy in Marriage
  • Money & Marriage
  • The Spending Plan
  • Women & Finances
  • Your Money in Challenging Times

If you would like to know more information about Jo Lynn Bright’s available dates, speaker fees, customized presentations or workshops please click on the “CONTACT” tab.
Jo Lynn believes God's sheep can hear His voice! This inaugural book is her personal journey of learning to hear His voice through encountering and developing a personal relationship with the Shepherd.  Please join her journey!  On-line orders available May 1st, 2018! 
Inspirational Presentations
Prayer Parties
“I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking to me about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers! ~ Isaiah 65:24

Take a moment to reflect on the many things we do for our friends. One particular time stands out in my mind, when my girlfriend invited me to her jewelry party. Please keep in mind that I tend to wear the same jewelry practically every day, and possess no real flair when it comes to “accessorizing.” Because I value our friendship, I promised my attendance at the party. There were several beautiful women in attendance and the jewelry was very wonderful. We played games, won prizes, and ate great food made by my girlfriend’s exceptionally talented husband. As I was driving home, the thought hit me…wouldn’t it be great to spend time with women praying. Thus, the “Prayer Party” took root in my spirit!
Gone Fishin'
10Things  - AVAILABLE May 1st!
Jesus called out, “Come along with me and I will show you how to fish for the souls of men!” ~ Matthew 4:19

Fishing has always been special to me—it is a passion that was passed down to me from my dad. Going fishing with my dad meant that I would get to spend time with him doing what he enjoyed. At the time, I had no conception of why I found that time so special; why I anticipated the opportunity to go fishing so much, and why even now the thought of going fishing brings me to a place of peace and anticipation of a good time.

As a child, I really enjoyed the thought and anticipation of going fishing. It involved preparing for the hunt, getting your pole together, removing the knots and tangles from your line, finding the right hook and sinker, so when we arrived at the river or lake you could be the first to get baited and get the choice spot to catch that “big one.”

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10 Things-A Personal Journey: Learning to Hear & Obey the Voice of God
"Book Launch Open House"
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Date: April 21st, 2018
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Here’s how to get started on hosting your own Prayer Party:

  • Create a list of friends you would prayerfully like to invite
  • Select a passage of scripture to focus on for the Prayer Party
  • Send (e-mail, mail or call) an invitation to your Prayer Party guests with date, time & location
  • Ask guests to begin meditating on the selected scripture and to come prepared to share what God is speaking to them through His word & otherwise
  • Provide a casual atmosphere and light refreshment for the physical body
  • Have guests share as led, listen to prayer requests, and enter into a season of prayer
  • Encourage each guest to host their own Prayer Party as it is laid on their hearts!

The best part of the Prayer Party is to wait in anticipation of God’s answers to our petitions and to share what He is doing as a result of us seeking His face, feeling His presence, and trusting His love!

Send photos of your Prayer Party!

Now that I’ve matured, I realize why I enjoyed fishing with my dad so much. It reminds me of how Jesus wants me to feel about going fishing with Him… fishing for souls. My Savior invites me to come join Him in fishing for the lost. What an opportunity to join Jesus in His highest passion—pursuing relationship with mankind. I should feel peace and joy when He calls me to His side and says, “Let’s go fishing!”, yet sometimes I am hesitant and afraid, due to feelings of inadequacy, which make me think about how inexperienced I am in fishing for souls. Sometimes I think, why me Lord? Why do you pick me to go with you? Jesus quickly reminds me that He will be with me and there are no fish too small, none too big and not one falls within the slot limits; He wants them all.