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One of our favorite things to do as a couple is to have people in our home for a meal. Besides eating Gaylyn’s incredible cooking, we feel honored listening to our guests share what is happening in their lives. There’s just something special about having people “at the table” and hearing their hearts, funny stories, and them allowing us into their world for a moment or two.

Just like the early church, Breaking Bread is our avenue of fellowshipping with our guests by sharing our hearts and what God is speaking to us through His word, personal encounters with people, His Holy Spirit, and prayer. We also get to remember Him, His blood, His body, sacrificed for us.

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"Taking God Seriously"

by Jo Lynn Bright on 02/02/15

Envision with me, all of us are seated in an elementary school classroom and Jesus is standing at the front of our class as our Teacher.  In our minds eye, we are the age we are right now, but in this vision we are a child version of ourselves.  Jesus asks the class, “Who is willing to take God, my Father, seriously?”  All of a sudden, several of us allow our hands to shoot up, and begin saying, “Me, Me, I will!”  Our hands are waving in the air totally convinced that we have the right answer to the question and we can hardly wait for our Teacher to choose us to reveal the answer. 


Smiling at all of us with great pleasure on His face, Jesus motions for those of us with elevated hands to come to Him.  Each of us eagerly jump up out of our seats and go directly to Him eagerly waiting for further instruction.  Personally, as I stand there waiting in His presence, tears begin to pour out of my eyes and stream down my face.  It feels like I can hardly handle what is going on in my heart—it is a feeling of being totally bankrupt.  In that moment, I can’t realize how I can possibly fulfill the request to begin taking God seriously without a touch from this Teacher.


Apparently, you must be sensing the same sensation that I am, because each of us begins to cry out, “Touch me, anoint me, empower me to be able to take God seriously.”  Without hesitation, Jesus places His hand on our heads and blesses us and gives us His authority and power to accomplish this call.  Without taking my eyes off of Jesus, I’m convinced that you are weeping along with me and surrendering personal dreams, plans, and agendas for the sheer anticipated pleasure of taking God seriously.


Jesus looks at each of us and tells us that He is sending each of us out into our sphere of influence and beyond to proclaim that His Father’s kingdom is at hand—very near.  With convincing certainty, He promises each of us that He will be with us, filling us up with Himself, no matter where we are.  As declared in Matthew 10, through His power and presence we will be able to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers (every disease & every affliction), and cast out demons and unclean spirits, so that God’s people will experience life as He intended.  This is the epitome of taking the sovereign God seriously!


Jesus is sending us out to a thirsty and desperate world that needs what only God can satisfy.  As we have been filled for this exact purpose and time in history, may we empty our lives for the sake of God’s kingdom agenda to be realized.  Are you ready?  I am ready.


It is not too late for those who remain in their seats to run to the front of the classroom where Jesus is still standing, waiting, and hoping that many more will answer the question with an astounding, “Yes, I will take God seriously!”

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